Thursday, May 04, 2006


In case it hasn't been made clear, I'm not a fan.

During the 2004 Gubernatorial primary, Mike Protack was lampooned, by me and others for spelling and grammatical errors on both his website and in his press releases. When he lost that race convincingly, one would assume he would use a different playbook in 2006. One would be mistaken.

On (where he no longer adds the year he's running for office to the URL - a dismal sign for 2008), you can find such powerful statements as:


We Need Lobbying Reform - Now. It should be illegal for a Senator to vote
on issues if he is the recipient of PAC dollars from any combined PAC industry
group above $50,000.

On any issues? That would only leave the dizzying ineffectual Senators to vote on anything. It's also the emptiest threat in the world, considering that PACs can contribute up to $10,000 to a candidate.

Violence in Wilmington
The Destiny of Deleware and the Future of Wilmington

Still haven't mastered Spell-Check, have we?

Protack's "Press Releases", which (apart from his semi-permanent guest spot on DelawareWatch's blogroll) is his only contact with the voters, has these listed as his most recent releases:

Poll Shows Protack Has Strong Support Among Republican Voters

Protack Show Unusual Strength in Poll

Ting's Antiwar Activities Make Him Unfit For Senate

The Future of Delaware

America's Energy Needs

So, basically, he has one thought a month, and since early February those thoughts have been about either his opponent or himself. Look closely at the links, by the way. "The Future of Delaware" (congrats on the spelling!) was a link to a job satisfaction poll in which Delaware did poorly. There was no proposal of action, just the indication that Delaware ain't so good.

The website also has a blog - but it hasn't been substantively posted on since early March. So, basically, Protack has eschewed his own blog to write for Dana Garrett.

There is some good news. As of this posting, the listing for upcoming events is empty. Maybe our long nightmare is soon to be over.


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