Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Lonesome Death of Delavoice

As an astute (and handsome) citizen of the Delaware blogosphere, I remember when there were only a few websites out in the ether that discussed Delaware politics. Of course Celia Cohen's Delaware Grapevine has been around since Al Gore built the first steam powered internet, and The News Journal has had an effective web presence for years. For a brief shining moment, there was DelaTacit - who elevated political gossip from the gutters to the... electric gutters, I guess. DelaTacit faded into Bolivia before the 2004 elections, to be seemingly replaced in tenor and tone by Delavoice.

And then, any idiot (present company included) could write a blog. I suppose that is what has left Delavoice out in the wilderness - the fact that a commentator doesn't need to pay for dedicated webspace to get a snarky idea out. In any case, www.delavoice.com seems to be gone. Let's hope the voice that provided its content is still out there, and ready to speak again, someday.


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